Financial Planning

  • We’ll work together to:
  • Organize your financial life.
  • Set goals based on what you value most.
  • Save and invest for the future.

You will have confidence knowing you are making proactive financial decisions.

Investment Management

We’ll create a customized investment strategy that encompasses all of your assets.

That is right – all your assets! Whether your assets include Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, rental properties, TSP accounts, 401(k)s, etc. we will create a strategy that will fit your needs.

Our Process

Stage One: Direction and Organization
We will complete a Life Values Questionnaire, establish and prioritize your goals, and create a current snapshot of your financial life.

Stage Two: Analysis and Strategy
We will explore financial strategies in line with your values and forecast a timeline to meet your goals.

Stage Three: Implement Strategies
We will map out a path to reach your goals, as well as set up checkpoints to track your progress along the way.