In 1999, I enrolled at Colorado State University studying Psychology and actively participating in Air Force ROTC. Upon graduation, I married the love of my life, Jessica, and commissioned into the Air Force as a Second Lieutenant. My first job in the Air Force was as a Personnelist (human resources). At the time, the biggest reason Airmen were being separated from the service was due to poor personal financial management. So, I began talking with Airmen in my squadron about budgets, debt, insurance, and the basics of investing. I quickly realized that there was a huge need for good advice in this area.

With finances on my mind, I began to pursue an advanced degree in business and financial planning. I graduated in 2009 with an MBA in Financial Planning from California Lutheran University. My hope was to finish out my service commitment in the Air Force and then begin a career in personal finance. It actually took me 6 more years to finally make the move back to Colorado to begin my career as a financial planner!

Today, I live in Falcon Colorado with Jessica and our three boys. We love being in the mountains, camping, skiing, and riding ATVs. We’re also active at our local church and love hanging out with our friends from small group. During the day, I work at The Navigators as a Gift Planning Specialist and in the evenings and weekends I have the opportunity to help couples and individuals with their finances. I have worked in financial planning since 2015 and I earned my CFP® designation in June of 2017.

What drew you to work at First Ascent Financial?

There is such a need right now for affordable quality advice. A large majority of American families will never be able to work with a financial planner because they do not meet the minimum assets required to work with one or they cannot afford the fees. That’s why I love the model we’ve setup here at First Ascent Financial.

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